Lifestyle Help Scheme

The Okhane Foundation's mission builds upon the Okhane Communities' mission of positively affecting one persons health and wellbeing per day. The result is our Lifestyle Help Scheme that provides help for the people that need it the most.

At Okhane we believe that everyone can be the change that they would like to see in the world, the inspiration to positively affect another, and to create a better you. For people that think they cannot change who they are without medical help, the Okhane Foundation is here to assist.

Our Lifestyle Help Scheme is not medical assistance. There are not any pills or surgeries involved. What is needed is your dedication, effort and willingness to trust our advice, and with our specially selected and professionally trained health and fitness practitioners we can help you to achieve better fitness, health and wellbeing... and along your journey we hope that you can inspire others around you to do the same.

Our Lifestyle Help Scheme is to be piloted in the Leighton Buzzard area soon. Working with the local council and GP surgeries, we are looking to work with 6 individuals who need to improve their heath and fitness so they can take back their life.

Our approach is simple. We will look at your lifestyle as a whole. From there you will work with our selected Nutritionist who will guide and educate you about the food you eat. Our selected Personal Trainer will help you with your general fitness, and our selected Yoga Specialist will help calm your mind and de-stress. We are currently finalising the scheme, so there may be other surprises for you along the way.

Why are we offering this scheme?

Modern life is starting to take it's toll on society. From fast food to fast fix diets, our general health and wellbeing is beginning to suffer which in turn puts a huge strain on already stretched health resources. With a little effort few simple changes in our way of thinking we have the opportunity to reverse the current trend and ultimately live a more fulfilled life.

At Okhane, we realise that not everyone are in the position to be able to achieve this on their own. It may be through current poor health, lack of knowledge, thinking that finances will not be able to support a change in lifestyle. Whatever the reason, we don't want there to be a reason for change not to happen.

Through our fundraising based around Fitness, Health and Wellbeing the Okhane Foundation are able to finance our Lifestyle Help Scheme for a select number of individuals every year. Whether it is just to improve general health and wellbeing for the long term, or whether it leads to taking on sporting challenges in the long term, our team is here to support as many people as our finances will allow. For everybody else, we have the amazing community of like minded people to help you along your journey over at www.okhane.com

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