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  1. Stephen Goodlad

    Nick, every morning I look forward to 08.10 when the pain will be all over and a smug smile comes over me and I can relax and feel good that I got through one more workout. I look forward to the 20 second rest to pick myself off the floor whilst you run a lap of the studio and when it gets tough, I angle the camera so that you can only see my big toe waving in the air. You have so much energy and enthusiasm that I return the next morning for more of the same. Thanks for all that you do in keeping my mind and body in some sort of shape
  2. Andrew Appleton

    Exceptional supportive work 24/7 - please take a breath and rest
  3. Fi Towell

    Donating my Cycling, Tri and Running Club annual subs seeing as they're all 'deferred' this year! You and your dedication to these morning workouts are truly inspirational. I promise to join in more!
  4. Ruth Baker

    A massive thank you for your morning work out sessions. They have helped enormously during these very uncertain times. Thank you for all that you are doing and good luck with this venture.
  5. Marc Gambrell

    It's been an inspiration to discover the Okhane foundation over the past few weeks. The social morning workout is really helping me to develop as a person with new goals to assist with getting through some of the challenges that life has thrown my way. I've now gone from working out alone to being able to do something in common with other people in a welcoming environment has been really great and has helped in varying my daily routine. The fact that the social morning workout provided by the Okhane Foundation is free has made me want to give something back, in order to it to continue to grow and support others in the community.
  6. Justin Fowler

    Have just read your vision for the lifestyle help scheme, fantastic idea. Being fit and healthy is so important for mental health and has always helped me. Well done Nick.
  7. Simon Stevenson

    Thanks for all the amazing work you do to help us through the pandemic..it has really given me something to look forward at the weekends
  8. Amy Farnfield

    A big thank you for all of your efforts and energy given to this - it is greatly appreciated. Well done. It’s great to be involved in your classes, they are a lot of fun !
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